A little press…

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A little press from Kidbits online magazine!  Go here for the full story…


Throw In The Towel


You can apply sunscreen faster than a speeding toddler, are more powerful than the temptation to ignore your tiny alarm clock and are able to leap to a Band-Aid in a single bound.
Hey Supermom: we’ve found your perfect cape.
These gorgeous throws from Finley Ellis can be used as an absorbent towel, a majorly chic picnic blanket, a gorgeous table covering, a handy nursing cover-up or a luxe scarf. Since they are made from 100% linen, not only do they air dry quickly, but machine washing only makes them softer over time. Throw one in your purse or diaper bag and be stylishly ready for anything the day brings.
Proving that when it comes to superheroes, linen beats lycra every time.


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So happy that you stopped by.  I have spent the last few years dreaming about this… Here we go!




Sunset on the beach with Mystery, White and Navy.  Does it get any better?

Cheers my friends!